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Spring 2024 Schedule

Headshot of Elizabeth Fadell Headshot of Jim Thompson

Continuous Improvement and Process Mapping: An Essential Introduction

February 22 | 9:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. (Union South)

March 14 | 9:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. (Memorial Union)

April 4 | 9:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. (Union South)

In person

Presented by Elizabeth Fadell and Jim Thompson, internal consultants, Office of Strategic Consulting

(this session has passed)

Content level: introductory

This interactive three-part miniseries walked through some of the key components of continuous improvement and process mapping. Participants learned the fundamentals of various process mapping techniques and then progressed to advanced practices for visualizing and analyzing processes. They heard real-world case studies demonstrating the practical application of a variety of tips and tricks. Participants left with an understanding of current processes and identified opportunities for improvement in their work.

Headshot of Kate Kingery

Exploring the Relationship Between Organizational Culture and Performance Initiatives

February 29 | 10:00–11:00 a.m.


Presented by Kate Kingery, director of consulting, Office of Strategic Consulting

(this session has passed)

Content level: introductory

While the term “organizational culture” is used often, its true meaning is not broadly understood—and can be tough to define. However, organizational culture is one of the key elements of a high-performing organization, so understanding it is critical to an organization’s success. This session introduced participants to the language and frameworks for understanding what is meant by organizational culture, why organizational culture can be hard to identify, and the difference between organizational climate and culture. It focused on how organizational culture affects organizational performance and employee satisfaction. And it illustrated different types of organizational cultures and provided actionable steps participants can take to both identify and influence the culture within their organization or team.

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Session Recording
Headshot of Jeremy Kautza

Creating an Inclusive Organizational Culture through Facilitative Leadership

March 7 | 10:00-11:00 a.m.


Presented by Jeremy Kautza, internal consultant, Office of Strategic Consulting

(this session has passed)

Content level: introductory

How do you build an inclusive and engaged culture in your organization? In this session, participants learned how to use the skills and tools of a facilitative leader to structure experiences that promote active participation, cultivate shared understanding and appreciation for diverse perspectives and ideas, bring teams to consensus, and instill a strong commitment to action and accountability.

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Building a Culture of Belonging: The Role of Psychological Safety

May 1 | 9:00–10:30 a.m.

In person, H.F. Deluca Forum, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

Presented by Binnu Palta Hill, chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer, Wisconsin School of Business, and Donald Gillian-Daniel, director of professional development, Office of Inclusion, Equity & Diversity in Engineering, College of Engineering

Content level: introductory

This session will explore psychological safety as a cornerstone for fostering a culture of belonging and inclusion in the workplace. Facilitators will provide an overview of psychological safety and guide you through individual reflections and small group discussions—with a practical focus on actionable steps. You will gain insights into how you can promote psychological safety to create a sense of belonging; address power dynamics, hierarchies, and biases; reflect on your sphere of influence in the workplace; and consider how to measure the effectiveness of these efforts. You’ll also have the opportunity to reflect on key takeaways for your unique workplace and leave with resources for continued exploration.

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Igniting a Change Readiness Mindset: Focused Framework for Small and Medium Change Initiatives

May 14 | 1:00–2:00 p.m.


Presented by Kelly Gauthier, transformation readiness lead, Administration Innovation & Planning

Content level: introductory

Change management focuses on leading a team or organization through a change initiative from its current state to a desired future state, but even the best-laid plans struggle to address bigger questions like, “Are we even prepared to make this change,” “What does readiness look like for this initiative,” and “Who decides when we are ready (enough).” This session will take a closer look at some essential components of change readiness, including:

1. Engagement and communication.
2. Cross-functional collaboration and training.
3. Visible, engaged, and adaptive leadership.

Pulling lessons from Brene Brown, the High Conflict Institute, and Kotter International, the session will provide you with key questions and tools to ignite your team’s change readiness mindset for your next change initiative.