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Culture & Climate

Organizational Office Hours

Gain valuable insights from an organizational effectiveness expert in the Office of Strategic Consulting. We are now offering office hours to faculty and staff at no cost. Request your no-commitment, no-cost consultation today.

The Challenge

Your organization’s culture and climate—the shared values, norms, emotions, and perceptions that influence how people in your organization experience the workplace—directly impact your ability to function effectively and carry out your mission. That’s because people are central to your work, whatever that work may be. A bad organizational culture can hinder even your best-laid strategy and goals. Creating a more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive work environment, where everyone feels like they belong, promotes partnership, collaboration, and innovation.

How We Can Help

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We create safe and inclusive spaces where people can share their experiences and observations about working for and with your organization.

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We help illuminate patterns in how people in your organization feel, behave, and engage with one another.

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We work with you to create a shared vision for the future and help you build the knowledge and skills to sustain good culture moving forward.

How can we be a
resource for you?

What You Can Expect

A typical engagement focused on enhancing your organization’s culture and climate will include some or all of the activities below, based on your unit’s unique needs. We provide change management support and work with you to engage your key stakeholders throughout the process.

graphic showing the process of Enhancing Culture & Climate