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The Office of Strategic Consulting serves as a resource for academic and administrative units on campus, helping to enhance organizational effectiveness by supporting strategic initiatives, change, and improvement efforts while building organizational capacity.

Consulting Services

We offer a full suite of services aimed at increasing the organizational effectiveness of units across campus. Our four core service areas are described below. In addition to expertise in these areas, our consulting staff also have extensive experience in facilitation, organizational change management, and communications planning, which we leverage in our work. Both within our engagements with campus partners and in a variety of stand-alone offerings, we also support the development of these skills in others.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is important for ensuring that campus units are well positioned for the future. We can help with the process: clarifying mission, setting a vision, defining long-term goals, and determining the actions needed to achieve them.

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Process Improvement

In addition to helping contain costs, efficient processes make for more satisfied "customers" and process owners themselves. We can help project teams map and analyze existing processes, identify gaps or problems, and develop and implement solutions.

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Organization Design and Redesign

Whether a new organizational unit is being created, or an existing one needs to become more efficient and effective, we can help with the process of arranging or rearranging work processes, jobs, and reporting lines.

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Enhancing Organizational Culture and Climate

An organization's culture and climate can impact its success. We can help campus units assess organizational culture and climate and determine a path forward for addressing any issues.

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Often, it can be beneficial to have someone from outside an organization or unit facilitate meetings that are focused on change and improvement. We offer facilitation expertise to help ensure that these meetings are productive and that everyone in the unit is able to participate.

Organizational Change Management

An inherent part of our work with campus units involves change. We offer leaders support in navigating and communicating change to help ensure successful outcomes for their projects and initiatives.

Communications Planning

Most projects and initiatives impact multiple stakeholder groups—all of which have different communication needs. We offer assistance with communications planning, including identification of different stakeholders and the channels for reaching each; drafting of messaging; and creation of a detailed calendar of communication activities.

For more information on how we can use our expertise in these areas to help you with a project, contact our project and fiscal coordinator.