Workshops & Events

As part of our mission, we aim to build organizational capacity across the areas that lend themselves to increased organizational effectiveness at UW–Madison, including:

  • Effective leadership
  • Successful project planning and implementation
  • Optimal organizational structures
  • Efficient processes
  • Healthy workplace culture and climate

To accomplish this, the Office of Strategic Consulting offers high-quality, impactful professional development opportunities and events for faculty and staff to build the skills needed to advance initiatives, change, and innovation.


Ignite: Fueling Organizational Excellence

The Ignite series features interactive workshops that focus on the tools and resources needed to promote and sustain organizational excellence at UW–Madison. In these hour-long sessions, experts will share ideas, methods, and approaches to help you build skills to support continuous improvement and organizational effectiveness. You’ll leave with stronger cross-campus networks, new strategies on how to improve your work, and the inspiration to implement your ideas.

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In Scope: Managing Projects at UW–Madison

In Scope is a mini-curriculum and conversation workshop series designed for managers of small- to medium-sized projects at UW–Madison. Project management experts will address managing projects in the university environment, introduce project management methods and resources, and facilitate conversations around common problems and solutions.

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The annual Showcase event is designed to celebrate and strengthen a culture of innovation and continuous improvement at UW–Madison. The program features poster exhibits, poster flash talks, a keynote presentation, and breakout sessions that highlight campus strategic initiatives and best practices in the areas of process improvement, change management, organizational design, project management, and leadership.

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