University of Wisconsin–Madison

Last Year’s Showcase

2017 Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session A

Best Practices in Research Grant Proposal Development

This session was for anyone involved in developing and submitting research proposals, supporting colleagues who do this, or had an interest in writing a proposal but did not know where to start. During this interactive session, participants engaged in short discussions targeting specific steps in the proposal development process – starting with an idea for a research project through receipt of funding.


  • Brenda Egan, Proposals Manager, Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Sarah Marcotte, Research Administrator, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) Dean’s Office
  • Christa Schulz, Research Administrator, School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH) Dean’s Office
  • Kim Stevenson, Assistant Director of Research, SMPH, Pediatrics

Breakout Session B

Power Up Your Productivity: Tips, Tricks, and Tools to Bring Technology Into Your Workflows

This session was for anyone who has ever been overwhelmed by email, forgotten a password, lost control of his or her calendar, or struggled to organize daily tasks. Attendees learned how they can leverage technology to manage productivity and enhance workflows around business practices. They were also taught how to tackle their to-dos, optimize collaboration, and become the envy of their colleagues by implementing a few key strategies that capitalize on modern tools and technology.

Presenter: Jonathan Henkel, Professional Programs Coordinator, Computer Sciences Department

Breakout Session C

Decision-Making in Complex Systems 

We all operate within complex systems. For decision-making in these complex systems, knowing the questions to ask is more important than knowing the answers up front. This breakout session provided an opportunity to explore the questions project managers, facilitators, and leaders can ask (or make sure someone is asking) in the decision-making process. Included was a “cheat sheet” of questions for various stages of problem solving.

Presenter: Kathleen A. Paris, Ph.D., Consultant and Managing Partner, Kathleen Paris, LLC

Breakout Session D

 Stop Surveying and Start Interviewing for Better Websites

How do you design a good website or app? This hands-on session provided a simple and effective technique to better understand users, dig deeper into their contexts and motivations, and design more intuitive, delightful digital experiences for them.


  • Phyllis Treige, Experience Design Lead, Division of Information Technology
  • Scott Owczarek, Registrar
  • Cindy Bush, Brand Manager, Wisconsin School of Business