Project Portfolio Management

Our project portfolio management staff are responsible for supporting the large, transformative initiatives within the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration’s project portfolio.

Together they work to:

  • Establish and maintain the project management standards, metrics, and framework for projects managed within the VCFA’s project portfolio.
  • Use a set framework to manage the VCFA’s portfolio of projects in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness by completing projects within established timeframes and budgets.
  • Define and maintain project portfolio management standards, metrics, and framework to provide tangible, repeatable, long-term benefits to Finance and Administration by:
    • Aligning projects with strategy and culture.
    • Being agile enough to adapt to strategy shifts.
    • Enabling the VCFA to maximize projects’ return on investment.
    • Monitoring the performance of portfolio projects.
    • Improving project resource management across Finance and Administration.
Interlocking rings with aspects of Project Porfolio Management

Key Terms

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Project Management

The practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve defined deliverables and success criteria.

Project Portfolio

Projects, programs, and operations that are managed to maximize business value in alignment with strategic goals and objectives.

Project Program Management

The process of managing a group of related projects, subprojects, and program operational activities in a coordinated way to obtain benefits not achievable from managing them individually.

Project Portfolio Management

The process of maximizing business value delivery through the selection, prioritization, oversight, and optimization of project investments that align with business goals and strategies (i.e., ensuring the right projects are done at the right time based on available resources in order to maximize return).