Our goal is for the new policy library to be fully operational by fall 2020. The work will be comprised of two key phases:

Phase 1: Discovery and Planning (January-August 2019)
Phase 2: Implementation (September 2019-August 202o)

Additional details are provided below (note that a third and final phase will be maintenance of the Policy Library once it’s implemented).

Phase 1 provides one of the first opportunities for campus engagement—during the current-state assessment. We have requested assistance from stakeholders across campus in developing the inventory of current policies. We will also be relying on various campus constituents to help us clarify the current process for policy development, approval, curation, and publishing. We appreciate your cooperation with any requests for information you receive from us; it will help ensure we have the best information to inform our work in creating the policy library.hree key phases:

Phase 1: Discovery and Planning

February-August 2019

Assess Current State and Recommend Future State

  • Inventory current policies.
  • Capture current policy making process.
  • Recommend options for future policy development process, office.
  • Recommend library tool.
  • Create implementation plan.

Phase 2: Implementation

September 2019

Begin Policy Framework and Process

                • Begin process for policy development.
                • Begin standardized approach.

Procure IT Solution

                • To be determined based on recommendations and decisions in Phase 1.

October 2019-May 2020

Norm/Standardize Existing Policies

                          • Put existing policies into standardized template form.
                          • Prepare for populating library.

Build Policy Library

                          • To be determined based on executive decisions.

April-August 2020

Populate Policy Library

Phase 3: Maintenance

September 2020-Indefinitely


                                            • Maintain the new Policy Library as part of standard university operations (ongoing).