Exhibitor Resources

This page provides information to help poster exhibitors prepare for Showcase. The resources may also be useful in creating posters for other events or projects.

To submit an idea for a poster for this year’s Showcase, click here or contact Bruce Harville to discuss your ideas. (We’ve extended the deadline for submitting an idea for a poster to Wednesday, March 20.)

Important Dates



Wednesday, March 20 Last day to submit an idea for a poster for 2019 (extended deadline)
Friday, March 22 Due date for program information
Email to: monica.wilson@wisc.edu
Wednesday, April 10 Due date for digital version of your poster
Email to: monica.wilson@wisc.edu
Monday, April 15
8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m. &

uesday, April 16
8:00 a.m.–Noon
Early poster drop-off
Office of Strategic Consulting Suite on the 4th floor of 445 Henry Mall
Tuesday, April 16
1:00–3:30 p.m.
Poster and materials drop-off
Union South (Varsity Hall II and III)
Tuesday, April 16
3:30–4:30 p.m.
Showcase Poster Preview and Reception*
Union South (Varsity Hall II and III)
Tuesday, April 16
4:30–5:30 p.m.
2019 Administrative Improvement Awards (AIA)
Union South (Varsity Hall I)
Wednesday, April 17
8:00 a.m.–12:15 p.m.
Showcase 2019
Union South, Varsity Hall
* Poster preview and reception are for poster exhibitors, speakers/presenters, executive sponsors, campus guests, and AIA winners and guests.

Resources for Creating Your Poster

Below are resources that can help you in creating your poster:

Everything You Need to Know About Poster Exhibits

Showcase attracts people from all areas of campus, including:

  • Campus leaders and administrators
  • Academic staff
  • Classified staff
  • Faculty
  • Students
  • Campus community

Each Showcase features a variety of academic and administrative improvement projects. A poster exhibit should demonstrate the project’s significant impact on the unit and/or across campus and show how the approach can be applied in other units. In addition, the exhibit should highlight how the project achieved one or more of the following:

  • Engaged students, faculty, staff, and/or other constituents
  • Advanced campus strategic priorities
  • Saved time and/or resources
  • Improved climate
  • Developed new programs
  • Increased organizational effectiveness

The following are key components of a poster exhibit:

  • Visual display of the project, including flowchart(s) depicting current and revised processes, if applicable
  • Documentation of the impact the project had on your unit and/or the campus
  • A simple layout that uses a minimum amount of text to convey the message
  • Fonts that are easy to read
  • Graphics that enhance the message

The main thing to consider when creating your exhibit is what will best illustrate your project.

Bring handouts if you believe they will be useful for Showcase attendees. Approximately 50-75 copies should be enough, and you should bring a blank request sheet for attendees, in case you run out of handouts. If your handout is available on the web, a one-page overview that includes a url will work well.

If you would like to use a laptop as part of your your poster exhibit, email showcase@oqi.wisc.edu. You must supply your own laptop.

If you wish to use a display unit larger than your laptop, such as an LCD projector or a larger computer monitor, email showcase@oqi.wisc.edu so we can arrange for any extra space that you may require.

In order to connect your laptop to Union South’s wireless internet, you must have an internal or external wireless card. You will also need to use your netID and password to login to the system.

Choose a title for your poster that is short, attention-grabbing, and appealing; add a tagline that highlights the innovation and/or lesson learned. The tagline should be no more than 25 words. Click here to view the Showcase 2017 Program with the most recent titles and taglines used at Showcase.

Here are some examples of good titles and taglines from past years:

  • Title: “Embracing Customer Feedback to Improve Snow Clearing”
    Tagline: “Facing a blizzard of criticism, FP&M embraced the feedback as a catalyst to connect with customers, review processes and improve results”
  • Title:  “Twitter: 140 Characters of Engagement”
    Tagline: “Using Twitter to engage followers, drive traffic to online resources and collaborate with other campus partners”
  • Title: “Dial-up Art”
    Tagline: “A student-driven program that utilizes the ubiquitous cell phone to provide anytime self-guided audio tours of the Union’s art galleries”

Poster exhibitors have four feet of table space to display posters and other materials. Posters should be designed to be freestanding on tabletops. Posters are typically mounted on 36″ x 48″ tri-fold foam core display boards. Visit the 2017 Showcase Facebook page to see posters from last year’s Showcase.

You have three options for dropping off your poster and other exhibit materials:

  1. You can drop them off at the Office of Strategic Consulting on the day or two before Showcase. We will then transport them to Union South for you. (Note: Laptops may not be dropped off with us.)
  2. You can drop them off at Union South the afternoon or evening before Showcase. (Note: Laptops may also be dropped off as they will be in a locked room.)
  3. You can bring them to Union South on the morning of Showcase.

Setup begins at 7:30 a.m. on the morning of Showcase.

All exhibits must be taken down by no later than 1:00 p.m. following Showcase. Exhibitors are responsible for removing and transporting their own materials back to their offices.

Click the links below to view posters from the past five Showcase events. (You do not have to log into Facebook to view posters.)

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